Nowhere to hide...

So this is me, being completely and vulnerably honest with myself and the world.

No hiding behind t-shirts, no pretending that I'm smaller than I am. Here, for the world to see, is me... every nook and cranny. 

I've done a lot to get to where I am today, a lot of eating, a lot of excuse making, a lot of nothing. I have run the gamut of roller-coaster fitness; losing 50 pounds here, gaining 60 there, and down again, 30. In the end, I still struggle, but I have not given up.

I have goals; to get back to a healthier me before my birthday. This involves losing about 75 pounds, getting more sleep, eating healthier and working out daily. I've mentioned listing my goals on this site in the past, but I never got around to it; the story of my fitness journey. Today, I promise to list my goals, in detail, within the next two days. I also will blog my daily triumphs and tribulations. 


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