A New Day

Welcome. Today begins a new day; a new beginning, perhaps. For me, this is day 1... again. 

I'm beginning a new round in my fitness journey.

As you may have noticed from my before pictures, posted a couple of days ago, my last round had a few bumps. I did not totally destroy the progress that I made, but I was far from putting my best foot forward. If I were to summarize my efforts to two words, they would be "half-assed". I did just enough to keep off the 30 pounds I'd lost before Christmas, but no more. 

I can do better than that.

I know that I am no longer in my 20s, and truth be told, 50 is winking at me from the not too distant future. Still, there is life left in my 40s, I have years to embrace a Fab-Forties lifestyle. 

For many years, I made excuses; I'm pregnant, I have a baby, I have to work, I don't have time, etc. I excused myself into a statistic. Here I am, 45 years old, and I am fat, overweight, out of shape, tired and unhealthy. My child is two months away from being a teenager, so the pregnant/baby excuse was gone a long time ago. I do work insane hours, but that is not unique to me. As I reflect back on the past 45 years, I see that my happiest years haven't even begun. I can stop now, and just wait to die, or I can grab my future with both hands and live the life I am given. I can live as an example or die as a statistic. I choose life.

I promised that I would write my goals, in detail. So, here they are:

Today's goals (my Win! list)

  1. Wake up before 8:00 AM
  2. Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes
  3. Log all of my meals
  4. Blog today
  5. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water
  6. Move often

My longer term goals

  1. Wake up by 7:00 AM
  2. Get to bed by 11:00 PM
  3. Log all of my meals
  4. Blog daily - triumphs, tribulations and whatever else suits my fancy
  5. Drink a minimum of 8 - 10 glasses of water daily
  6. Walk a minimum of 5K steps daily
  7. Monday, Wednesday & Friday - do DDP Yoga
  8. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday - do resistance training
  9. Remove the following foods from my diet: Fried anything, cakes, cookies, candies, basically any refined sugar, cold cuts, lactose and gluten
  10. Lose 75 pounds of fat *
  11. Add approximately 10 pounds of muscle *
  12. Play more
  13. Meditate
  14. Move daily

* Fat loss and muscle adding will be more accurate over time.

So there it is, my goals. 

If you want to join me, support me, challenge me or just be a witness to my journey, comment below. I enjoy knowing that I'm not alone.

Peace to you all.


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