Million-Step Challenge: The First 20 Days

Below is a summary of my first 20 days of my 100-day, One-Million Step Challenge. It will show the brief daily reports I posted for each day.
1 down, 99 to go. I'm taking the Tom Venuto - Burn The Fat Million Step challenge (; 10K steps a

2 down 98 to go... exceeded my 10K steps for the day, before 10:30 AM.
day for 100 days. Today's total, so far: 12,736 steps.

Day 3 out of 100 was hard, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my ankles hurt and I was tired when I woke up this morning. Still, I did not give in. 3 days down, 97 to go... another 10K steps done before noon.

Weird thing happened today, while walking; I was nearing 7500 steps, and some older guy pulls up, rolls his window down and asks me where I'm going and if I needed a ride. So was he trying to pick me up or could he tell I was uncomfortable? It's been years since some guy tried to pick me up... either way, I respectfully declined and kept on walking.

Day 4 of 100 - done. Only 96 days to go and I've already clocked in more than 50K steps.

Day 5 of 100, done. So far, 10,224 steps today; only 95 days to go.

Day 6, done. YAY Me! The day is not over yet, and I've already exceeded 12K steps. This is not easy, even as I type, I am soaking my feet in Epsom salt and hot water. Still, I am determined to make it to the million step mark. Only 94 days to go.

Day 7 - done. After church, I had my husband drop me off about 2.5 - 3 miles from home. Backpack on, headsets on, steps on. I currently have 10,121 steps for the day and it's still pretty early. 93 days to go.

Day 8 - 10K+ steps completed. 92 days to go.

Day 9 - 10K Steps, done.

Day 10 completed, 90 to go. In the past ten days I have accomplished the following: 134,987 steps completed/ 62 floors climbed/ 61.02 miles traveled and 5+ pounds lost.

In addition to these stats, I have more energy, my sleep is more sound and the pain of the first week is nearly gone.

Here's to the next 10 days, and the next and the next...

Day 11 - 10K+ steps completed. Today, I was feeling a little adventurous; I mixed in a bit of interval training (alternating jogging and walking) and 1 trek up and down our park's reservoir. I can't believe how much much more energy I have. I have 89 days to go in this challenge. I can't wait to see what progress I make.

Day 12 - 11K+ steps completed today, so far. 88 days to go.

Day 13 - 10K+ steps completed. Today was a bit challenging for me. I went to the park and I loved that it was a bit cooler this morning. Just as I started my walk I felt a few rain drops, no problem... it just rain. 1/8 of the path completed and the rain was a little more more intense... no problem, I got this . About halfway around the path, I am completely soaked and pretty cold... I can do this. About 7/8 of the way round, I think I feel hail and my arms are feeling cold and numb... nearly there. Done. Sort of. I only managed 5K steps at this point. I went home, dried off, changed clothes... added pants and and a sweater this time, then headed back to the park. I waited a few minutes for the rain to break and I tackled the path again. This time, I made it the whole way with just a few rain drops. Just as I was heading back to my vehicle, the rain began the pick up again. I'm glad that I did not let the rain and 40ish degree temps slow me down. YAY!

Day 14 - already exceeded 11K steps today.

Day 15 - 10K+ steps, completed.

Day 16 - Another day, another 10K+ steps completed. I actually look forward to my walks.

Day 17 - 10K+ steps completed. Today's challenge? I woke up with a sore throat and feeling nauseous. So, I walked slower and stopped when I needed to. The throat is still sore, and hurts when I speak or drink, but I did it.

Day 18 - 10K+ steps completed. Today I did not do my usual morning 3.5 - 4 mile walk because I'm still not feeling well today. I woke today with an earache, coughing and yesterday's sore throat. So today, I broke my routine up; 2-10 min. walks with dog / 1-20 min. walk in place / 1-30 min. walk in place alternating pace. I prefer my morning walks around the park, but I'm grateful for what I was able to do today, in spite of not feeling well.

Day 19 - 11K+ steps completed, so far. I am feeling better today. Today's weather was perfect for a walk in park.

Day 20 - 10K steps completed. Yay! Thank you to all of you who follow and support my progress. You motivate me as much as I motivate you.


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