No Motivation Required

Today is day 36 of my Million Step Challenge; that's 10,000 steps a day for 100 days. In an effort to create an accountability system, I decided to post my plan and daily progress on Facebook. At the end of each day, I posted my progress and any struggles or milestones made.
This has not always been easy; I've had some struggles. I've had blisters, swollen feet and sore ankles. I've dealt with colds, migraines, allergies, rain and humidity. Still, I did not give in.
Part of what kept and continues to keep me going are my friends and family on Facebook. Without planning to, people began to follow my lead. First, they liked my posts. Soon, they were asking me about pedometers and motivation. Before I knew it, someone else began posting their daily steps, and then another person and another. All the while, there were those faithful few who followed my progress, liked my posts and cheered me on.
During all of this, I've been asked questions, lots of questions. Many of which I found enlightening. However, it's what one friend said to me, yesterday, that prompted this post.
My friend said to me, "I need your motivational secrets".
I was initially stunned by this statement; don't get me wrong, a part of me was flattered, but the rest of me, the 99% of me, knew the truth.
You see, I am not the 20 year old young lady with the model's physique, some say I used to be. In truth, I am only 10 pounds lighter than I was when I began this challenge, a month ago; and a month ago, I was just another sad, overweight woman, looking for motivation.
So, here's my response to that friend:

I spent years trying to get motivated. It didn't work. Finally I just decided that I would take this Million Step Challenge... and I posted it to Facebook. After that, I just [did] it. I have so many people following me now, and [some] even starting [their own] challenges, that I now get inspired by them.

It's not easy, especially in the beginning. Still, I do it, because I know that others are inspired by me. So, don't look for motivation; do it when everything in you says you can't. Then, do it again. And, again...
I believe this to be true. We can not wait for motivation to come, because motivation may not come. Or, it may come, but not stay. You have to want to do this, even when everything and everyone says that you can't. You have to want it... more than the cake, more than sleeping in, more than staying the same.
Instead of seeking this elusive "motivation" to change, seek instead to find what you want that's "more than" staying the same.
Today is only day 36 of my challenge, and make no mistake, it is a challenge. Each day I face the "more thans". Each day I have to remind myself why I am doing this.
Today, I only have to focus on getting through these 100 days, then what?
This can be the first 100 days of taking my life back, or I can go back to seeking that ambiguous motivation.
I choose to believe that this is day 36 of the "Taking Back My Life" challenge.


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