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Today's lunch

I wish this post were about things going smoothly in the my life. Or, perhaps about how I've stuck to my fitness plans.

Let's be honest, it hard to stick to a plan when you don't really have one. Once again, I am attempting to reboot my fitness endeavors. I need to evaluate myself more thoroughly, I need to know why I keep sabotaging myself. I think it starts with my so-so approach to planning.

This week, my only plan was to avoid junk food and write out actual, do-able goals.

As of today, I've succeeded with the first part... avoiding junk food. In fact, the picture above is a lovely lunch of baked salmon, grains and kale, asparagus and salad... the lunch special at work today. It looks and tastes yummy.

However, if I truly want to succeed at getting healthier, being happier and living longer, I need to complete the second part.

My goasl for today: 1. Write out my fitness goals. 2. Answer the question, "Why am I doing this?".

Come back tomorrow to see if I succeeded.


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