Day 3... Still Going

Today, let me just jump right in with my trials; sleep has been a big issue for me. Sleep is an issue, both because I have a sick dog who manages to wake me up a minimum of a half a dozen times throughout the night, and because of the years of staying up late to work or do some other nonsensical task, that would be better accomplished by having a full night's sleep. That said, I'm still pushing on.

Today's post will be a brief one, so, on to yesterday's Win List:

Below is my  list of and all of the items that I completed, yesterday:

  1. Wake up before 8:00 AM - (I got out of bed around 8:15 AM)
  2. Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes - W!
  3. Log all of my meals - W!
  4. Blog today - W!
  5. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water - W!
  6. Move often - W!

I am happy with the progress that I made.

Tomorrow's Win List is the same six (6) items. I want these goals to eventually become normal everyday occurrences, routine. However, until they are, I will make them my daily goals.

Thank you for following me. Peace to you all.


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